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December 18, 2018

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Chessie's Page

Hi! I'm the cat in the family. My name is Chessie, and I am a blue point Tonkenese cat. I am also otherwise known as scratchy (ever since the addition of a screaming thing into our household).

I am the original owner of the house. I have allowed the Kelly's to live in the house with me. Actually they are really good to me (spoil me rotten, but don't let them know that).

I love catching rats and leaving them for the Kelly's to find in the morning. I usually try and leave them right there in their beds so that they will find them first thing in the morning!

Life has changed ever since 6/9 with the addition of Itchy. We tolerate each other. Actually he is a quite a cute little thing, and we are getting rather friendly now. Maybe one day we will actually play together but we won't push the point at the moment.

I hear a rat calling ... please excuse me.

Till later ...